Recent Events


Upcoming Hearing on the Business Development Club

Tomorrow, Thursday, the 26th at 3:00 p.m. in Freedom Hall, residents will be able to learn whether reason and a less confrontational approach will prevail concerning the fate of the Business Development Club. With emotions running high, one can only hope that members of the Board (and the BDC) would be able to see through what has happened and wonder whether the Community might be better served in some manner other than by proceeding down the legal path.

One such option, although there are many, would be for the parties to take a step back, drop their respective legal counsels, and have the matter resolved through some type of mutually agreeable dispute-resolution service. For example, there is such a service offered through the auspices of the Community Association Institute (CAI), to which the Association belongs.

Would not all parties find such an approach more reasonable and appropriate under these very trying circumstances, if not more preferable to the course of action that's been taken?

Flu Shots

So many residents were disappointed to find that the promise of getting a flu shot this week at the Anthem Center's Wellness desk was just that, an empty promise. With the promise of plenty of vaccine and promising the availability of vaccine all day long, the needle shooters greatly underestimated the demand and ran out of vaccine at 11:00 a.m., leaving the so called "late" comers to wonder what had happened.

There is another flu clinic offered next week, Nov. 2nd on Thursday. Best arrive early in the day to avoid a repeat performance.

Tree Slasher

Fe, Fi, Fo, Basher, I’m following the pungent scent of newly felled trees left in the wake of our resident tree slasher

Our resident patrol sentries need to be on the lookout again. It seems that our phantom tree slasher has struck again, this time felling with a pull and a snap technique 20 odd trees along Sun City Anthem Dr., suspiciously near, OK immediately adjoining, the location of the home of the alleged tree slasher, Douglas Hoffman. Shame on Mr. Hoffman.

To see a map of exactly where this happened, click here.

To see a photo array of downed trees, click here. (Links are working)

For background information previously published on this site, click here.


Update on Sun City's Murder Suspect

Bad news for Lou Stanley. Sun City resident Lou Stanley was indicted on murder charges last month by a grand jury in Orange County. To read the Orange County Register news release on this site, please click here. For related background information, click here.

Ron Johnson, 25 October 2006