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  • Belt and belt wheel structure
    1 Structure of the top plastic, tensile body, bottom rubber and fabric 2 section model: Y, Z, A, B, C, D, E 3 basic parameters: the section width BP, the reference width BD, the reference diameter DD, the reference length Ld (refers to the calculation with the wheel reference diameter DD value) and so on.
  • Elastic sliding and transmission ratio of belt drive
    1 elastic sliding and sliding rate (1) elastic sliding with elastic deformation caused by the belt and the belt between the pulley is called elastic sliding, which is the inherent characteristics of the belt drive.
  • The main parameters and the correct selection of belt drive
    1 data should be known before the design is: the transmission power P, speed n1, N2 (or I), the transmission position requirements and working conditions and so on.
  • Characteristics and applications of synchronous belt drive
    The synchronous belt has the features of belt drive and chain drive. By brute force layer 1, with 2 teeth, with a back 3. 1 advantages of synchronous belt drive: (1) no relative sliding, with constant length, stable transmission ratio; (2) with thin and light, strong layer of high strength, suitable for high speed the transmission speed can be up to 40 m/s;
  • Tensioning, installation and maintenance of belt drive
    8.6.1 tensioning purpose: the initial tension of the control belt. Methods: the regular tensioning method, plus the tension round method.
  • Synchronous belt installation matters needing attention
    (1) turn off the power, remove the protective cover, unscrew the bolts of the motor assembly. Mobile motor synchronizing with enough slack, do not need to open can take synchronous belt, do not put the synchronous belt broken down. (2) take off the old synchronous belt, check whether there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean that there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the drive.
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