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Control of aerodynamic noise

Release time:2015-09-01
In the case of high speed rotating pulley, belt and high frequency gear wheels to enter or exit the engagement state, so that the alveolar air at the compression or diastolic disturbance causing air noise generated.
(1) synchronous belt wheel circumference direction silencing groove with larger width, air routes is longer, the greater the pressure change of gas, thus the greater noise. Therefore, we hope that the width of the synchronous belt is as narrow as possible, but the width of the synchronous belt is directly proportional to the power of the transmission. In order to achieve the design power, the belt pulley and the belt must have a certain width. In order to overcome the contradiction, the air can be discharged through the air groove, thereby reducing the noise, and the air can be discharged smoothly through the air groove. Experiments show that the noise can be reduced by 3 to 5 B d by this method.
(2) synchronous belt wheel radial open silencing grooves if you want to further reduce the aerodynamic noise of synchronous belt transmission, can also adopt synchronous belt wheel radial open silencing grooves,
Slot to pay attention to:
The groove is not very deep and wide, otherwise it will affect the transmission power.
Groove distribution should be uniform, to avoid damage to the belt wheel balance.
The slotting must eliminate the sharp cut and burr, and avoid the damage of the belt.
(3) conclusion
After the above treatment, the machine tool noise will be greatly improved, the maximum speed of the spindle synchronous belt drive can be increased from 6000 R / i n m to 8000 R / i n m above.
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