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Tensioning, installation and maintenance of belt drive

Release time:2015-12-07
8.6.1 tension
Objective: to control the initial tension of the belt.
Methods: the periodic tension method,
Plus tensioning wheel method.
(a) (b) regular tensioning device; (c) automatic tensioning device; (d) using the tensioning wheel method
Installation and maintenance of 8.6.2 belt drive
1 belt drive installation: with wheel installation requirements, with the installation requirements.
2 belt drive maintenance
(1) can not be hard to pry the installation.
(2) with the prohibition of mineral oil, acid, alkali and other media contact, so as not to rot
Corrosion, not exposure.
(3) the old belt cannot mix (a plurality of zones), so as to avoid the uneven load distribution.
(4) protective cover.
(5) regular tensioning.
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