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Characteristics and applications of synchronous belt drive

Release time:2015-12-26
The synchronous belt combines the characteristics of belt drive and chain drive, which is composed of a strong layer 1, a gear 2, and a back 3.
1 advantages of synchronous belt drive:
(1) no relative sliding, with long constant, stable transmission ratio;
(2) with thin and light, the strength of high strength, suitable for high-speed transmission, speed up to 40 m/s;
(3) with good flexibility, can be used with a smaller diameter belt wheel, the transmission structure is compact, can get a larger transmission ratio;
(4) the transmission efficiency is high, up to 0.98 ~ 0.99, so the application is more and more extensive;
(5) the initial tension is small, so the load on the shaft and bearing is small.
2 disadvantages of synchronous belt drive:
___ manufacture, installation requirements for high precision and high cost.
3 use of synchronous belt drives:
___ mainly for the transmission ratio accurate, small power transmission, such as computer, recorder, grinding machines and textile machinery.
Parameters, type, size and marking of 8.5.2 synchronous belt
1 Parameters of synchronous belt: (1) pitch PB
(2) the modulus m:m = pb/ pi
2 types and sizes of synchronous belts
The working tooth synchronous belt surface is divided into trapezoidal tooth and tooth two categories. The synchronous belt has the single belt and double belt. The structure arrangement is divided into DA type and DB type two forms with the double toothed belt. In addition, there are used to synchronize with special structure for special purposes.
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