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The main parameters and the correct selection of belt drive

Release time:2016-03-28
1 data should be known before the design is:
Transfer power P, speed n1, N2 (or transmission ratio I),
Transmission position requirements and working conditions.
2 design to determine the main parameters:
Belt type, length Ld, root number Z, wheel diameter dd1, DD2, center distance a and so on.
3 general steps in design:
Model of the fixed band, DD2,, Ld, a, dd1, Z
Main parameters and steps of 4.V belt drive
1) determine the calculation power Pc
3) determine the diameter of the belt wheel reference D1, D2
5) determine the center distance a and the band's reference length Ld
Primary A0
Initial calculation with length Ld0
After selecting the reference length Ld, the actual center distance is calculated a
0.7 (dd1+dd2) A0 2 (dd1+dd2)
2) select V band model
4) check with speed v
(KA is the coefficient of the work situation)
V=5 ~ 25m/s
6) checking small wheel angle alpha 1
7) determine the number of roots Z
8) to determine the initial tension F0
F0 acting on the belt wheel axle load
Alpha 1 = 120
5 belt wheel material
Cast iron, cast steel, steel stamping aluminum or plastics
9) with wheel structure design
Determine the structure type, material, structure size, drawing with wheel working drawings.
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