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Elastic sliding and transmission ratio of belt drive

Release time:2016-03-28
1 elastic sliding and sliding rate
(1) elastic sliding
The relative slip between the belt and the pulley due to the elastic deformation is called elastic slide, which is the inherent characteristic of the belt drive.
Elastic modulus can be used to reduce the elastic sliding.
Sliding rate
The sliding rate of the belt drive is generally 2% ~ 1%, which can be neglected in general.
(2) slip
Due to the need of the transfer load, the effective circumferential force of the belt drive is exceeded.
With the limit of the frictional force between the belt and the belt, the belt and the belt wheel face in the whole arc
A significant relative slip occurs.
The slip will cause the belt to be worn out and aggravate the wear of the belt.
There should be a slip in the work.
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