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The principle of expanding (compact) sets

Release time:2016-07-13
The expansion set is transmission product of a keyless connection structure, the axial force under the action of the expansion sleeve of the inner and outer sleeve inside outside the rose of the shaft and hub tightly and produce enough friction to transfer torque, so as to achieve the purpose of operation mechanism.
Features: good centering performance connection; assembly without heating; the corresponding position of the shaft and the hub of the convenient adjustment; no stress concentration; bearing capacity; torque; good stability; high precision; not to damage the mating surface.
Products are widely used in: packaging machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, tobacco machinery, forging machinery, engineering machinery, various types of machine tools and mechanical transmission linkage. For example: the pulley, sprocket, gear, bevel wheel, impeller, synchronous belt wheel, propeller, size fan, blower or directly with the shaft, the coupling hub and other various transmission connection.
Method of use: need hub and shaft connection, through bolts fastening the product along axial direction and radial force and friction force, so as to achieve the required torque. Remove all bolts can be loosened, no need to remove the bolt, and then the six angle wrench will fit the bolt into the demolition hole, the demolition of the top can be released.
The expansion sleeve can be divided into: single cone sleeve, step type expansion sleeve and double cone sleeve, hydraulic expansion sleeve four.
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